Dear visitor
Welcome at the weblog of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES. This working group, launched in 2006, aims to:

  • exchange knowledge and experience on noise, noise effects and noise abatement
  • influence the European policies where and when needed
  • especially support municipalities with the implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC
  • to gain awareness among politicians, policy makers and the public
  • to initiate, support and participate in European projects under the LIFE, INTERREG and FP7 programms

The working group meets 2 or 3 times per year. Venue of theseĀ  are the cities reporesented within the working group. All documents produced by the working group noise can be found at the so called QUICKR database which can be found at the EUROCITIES website [www.eurocities.eu]. This QUICKR database is only accessible for members of EUROCITIES. The working group is chaired by the city of Rotterdam, Mr Henk Wolfert (henk.wolfert@dcmr.nl). Working Group Noise has also a twitter account @wgnoise and a facebook page.

QR code workinggroupnoise

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