Final event HUSH project (announcement)

The project organisation invites you at the FINAL EVENT of the EU funded Project HUSH (Harmonization of Urban noise reduction Strategies for Homogeneous action plans)The event, will be held in Florence (Sala de’ Dugento of Palazzo Vecchio) on May 7th 2013, is organized by CITY OF FLORENCE as Coordinating Beneficiary and leader partner of HUSH project, in collaboration with other project’s partners: UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE, the National and Regional Agencies ISPRA , ARPAT  and  VIE EN.RO.SE. INGEGNERIA. The project and the event are supported by Italian Ministry of Environment and by the WG NOISE of EUROCITIES network.

The HUSH Final Event will be structured in two sessions On May 7th Morning the FINAL CONFERENCE of the project, titled “THE CONTRIBUTE OF HUSH PROJECT IN HARMONIZING URBAN NOISE REDUCTION STRATEGIES”  will take place in order to disseminate the results of the project and launch new networking opportunities among Italian and European cities.

On May 7th Afternoon a Special Session  titled “NETWORKING AND FURTHER DEVELOPMENT” will be organised to share expectations and plans for further development of HUSH results in connection with other LIFE projects regarding Noise Mapping, Action Planning, Quiet Areas and, more in general, Environmental Acoustics. In two separated ROUND TABLES, the partners of NADIA, QUADMAP and HARMONICA projects will give reports and Representatives of Institutions and Agencies will discuss around the revision of EU, National and Regional Legislations, taking in account the results of HUSH and other projects.Policy makers and acousticians are involved in round tables, according to the attached programme. Official languages of Conference and Round Tables are English and Italian. Simultaneous translation system is provided. The participation is free but limited.

All participants will be provided with project reports and documents as well as other printed and electronic materials produced in the frame of HUSH actions.

To register for the Final Event and information contact the secretariat office

Looking forward to meeting you in Florence!

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