HUSH project, final event Florence

On the 7th of May the final event of the HUSH project was held at Palazzo di Vecchio in Florence. HUSH stands for Harmonization of Urban noise reduction Strategies for Homogeneous action plans. During this event the chair of working groups noise EUROCITIES presented a paper on the ongoing dossiers in Brussels (legislation mainly) and presided over the afternoon session together with Ms Rosalba Silvaggio (ISPRA Italia). The aim of the project was manyfold:

  • to point out the conflicts between local, regional en national legislation on the one hand and the European Noise Directive (END)on the other hand and to come up with solutions.
  • to define procedures and a database that supports action planning
  • to draft guidelines for action plan applications to support regional, national and European law reviews
  • to come up with a law review at regional, national and European level in cases that conflict obtained are not solvable by technical procedures.

A lot of suggestions were obtained from the project which can improve the national and regional legislation in order to comply with the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC. The outcomes could also be valuable in the revising process of the END. It appeared that the Toscany region has a higher speed in implementing the END obligations than the other regions of Italy. The event was very useful and interesting and was visited by more than 100 attendees. The outcomes are not only interesting for Italy and Italian regions but also for other Member States that do not fully comply with the END and the Electronic Noise Directive Reporting Mechanism (ENDRM) belonging to the END. More information might be found at

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