Update Regulation on the sound level of motor vehicles 661/2009/EC

Together with the European Commission and the European Council they are exploring on what option they can reach an agreement. It is expected that they will decide about it soon (early September). In case the second option (full reading) will be chosen it might be expected that this procedure not can be finalised before the new elections of the Parliament (May 2014). The new elected parliament might have other insights on this dossier and then the discussion could start from the beginning again and hopefully, new opportunities for affecting the legislation will be born.

In case  the first option (early second reading) the various levels of ambition (Commission, Parliament and Council), see enclosed graphs, are available. As could be expected, due to the EU regulation, limited room for tightening the Regulation on the sound level of motor vehicles is present. The possible amendments are:

1.    Do not test vehicles with use worn tyres
2.    Tighten the limits for most noisiest vans (current proposal are weak)
3.    Do not extent the implementation time for heavier cars and trucks
4.    Insist on consumer information regarding noise and road classification
5.    Widen the proposed Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) towards a Pedestrian Protection System (PPS)

Working Group Noise has adopted  some amendments. In case you have any improvement please, let us know as soon as possible and contact us.
normen passenger cars EC-EP-ER.v1normen freight vehicles

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