Some news about noise motor vehicle dossier (15 Oktober 2013)

Regading consumer info

This seems to head in the “right” direction. The EU Presidency will come with new text in line with European parliament (EP). However, the text is not mandatory! See text below:

Vehicle manufacturers and distributors shall encourage that the noise level for each vehicle in decibels measured in accordance with this regulation, is displayed in a prominent position at the point of sale and in technical promotional material.

 The commission shall within two years of the date of application of this regulation carry out a comprehensive study on noise labeling and consumer information . The commission shall report its findings to the European Parliament and the Council and if appropriate submit a legislative proposal.

We imagine that, especially, the if appropriate should go. Reason is that we could develop a label for vehicle noise that would include vehicle noise, tyre noise and interior noise. This could be comprehensive and important to the buyer of a car.

Regarding the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

The discussion is heading in the direction of the Europarlement. The EP text for amendment 66 needs a small adjustment:

The Commission shall, within one year of the entry into force of this Regulation, assess the need to review this Regulation, taking into account, inter alia, whether active safety systems can better serve the objective of improving the safety of vulnerable road users in urban areas, in addition to, or as compared to acoustic vehicle alerting systems and shall, where appropriate, and in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure, submit to the European Parliament and Council a proposal which makes provision for a maximum sound level for AVAS AND/OR ACTIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS installed in vehicles.

Regarding the roadsurfaces classification.

Council will come with text that is in line with the EP:

The commission shall, within 4 years of the date of entry into force of the present regulation, assess the feasibility of introducing a road classification system representative of the union as a whole, regarding typical rolling sound. The commission shall report its findings to the European Parliament and to the Council and, if appropriate submit a legislative proposal.

Question is if this needs 4 years after entry into force.

 Regarding the limits as described Annex III

This was hardly discussed last Friday. Lithuania said it will not be discussed until the 3rd Trilogue. Still, we think it will come up. And it should come up!!

The discussions on the limits are complicated for there are 3 completely different proposals. Best thing is to support the structure of proposal of the Council. Secure this first, then try to lower the limits. Now the limits follow technology and they should drive technology. In the 2nd stage 1 dB can be subtracted from all classes. In the 3rd stage this could be 2 dB. If one looks at the BAT values in the TNO analysis this is possible. If this lowering across the board fails then we should propose that the most popular M1  and N1 (2.5-3.5 ton) class is lowered with 1 dB in the 3rd stage. This will really help lowering the overall noise levels.

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