Closing conference HARMONICA, safe the date!!

logoHarmonicaOn 9 December 2014, the final event of the Harmonica project will be held in Brussels in the frameworks of the LIFE program of the EU.

The Harmonica project has developed innovative tools to better inform the public about environmental noise and to help local authorities make the right decisions in fighting noise pollution. These tools include a new easy-to-understand noise pollution index and an online platform for displaying information about environmental noise in European cities.

Please take a look on the new website:

Join and contribute to the website, in order to encourage citizens and the authorities to take ownership of the noise issue at European level.

The agenda for this event will be announced in September, but until then, please save the date of 9 December 2014, in Brussels  and forward to your networks ! The event will take place at the Brussels Museum of Natural Science close to the European Parliament and the Luxembourg railway station.

Team of the Harmonica project

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