Working Documents Zagreb meeting

WD 01.1 Hotel information
WD 01.2 Directions and transport
WD 01.4. Hotel Jadran REG FORMWorking Group Noise EUROCITIES
WD 01.5 Useful informations
WD 01.6 List of Working Documents Zagreb meeting_versie 1.1
WD 03 1 Draft agenda SPRING meeting Zagreb v4.3
WD 04.1 List participants Zagreb
WD 05.1 Draft minutes autumn meeting Munchen
WD 05.2 Decisions and actions Munich_1-wol
WD 06.1 Continuous-action-list-Munich-meeting
WD 07.2 WHO informs stakeholders about Guidelines Noise and Health
WD 12.3 CEC Report on the Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive_WOL
WD 12.4 Memo on reports evaluation END_final
WD 12.5 Report high level conference on Environmental Noise DirectiveWD 12.6 Amendment by Menno Hillebregt
WD 13.1 Report FONOMOC meeting Paris on 24 March 2017.v1.2
WD 13.2 Forthcoming acoustic events
WD 13.4 Urban transport noise

WD 14.3 Presentatie_NEPTUNES

Downloads & Presentations Munich meeting

WD 00.1 WGN-welcome

WD 01.1 Directions and hotels
WD 01.2 Anfarths beschreibung und hotels
WD 01.3 Programme SONORUS Conference
WD 01.4 Timetable_Bus_No.265_Pasing-Planegg
WD 01.5 List-of-working-documents-munich-meeting_v12-09-2016
WD 02.1 Presentation-munchen-14-09-2016
WD 03.1 final-agenda-autumn-meeting-munich-v6a
WD 04.1 List -of-attendees-munich-2016_update-12-09-2016
WD 05.1 draft minutes spring meeting Ljubljana
WD 06.1 continuous action list Ljubljana meeting
WD 08.1 Strategy Working Group Noise
WD 08.2 Stepping Stones Strategy Working Group Noise
WD 08.3 Annex to WD 08.2
WD 08.4 Annex to WD 08.2 
WD 11.1 Declaration-on-Best-Tyres-versie
WD 11.2 Declaration-on-best-tyres (pptx)
WD 11.3  signed-letter-adjoining-declaration-BT
WD 11.4 leaflet-bettertyres
WD 11.5 (website)
WD 12.1 Outline presentation Solar Highways V1.0

Presentation belonging to WD 12.1
WD 12.2 Bifacial-solar-panels
WD 13.1 dynamap_progress-bellucci-grampella
WD 14.1 Behaviour change more challenging than noise reduction
WD 14.2 Outline-behaviour-change-more-challenging-than-noise-reduction
WD 15.1 Luzzi-inad_03-eurocities-munich-2016
WD 16.1 German-noisemaps-and-action-plans
WD 17.3 Collaborative Noise Measurement, etc.
WD 18.2 Outlook Spring meeting Zagreb-2017-v3_1
WD 19.0 Description-technical-tour-gliederung
WD 19.1 Brochure NUP_Doku_final_web
WD 19.2 Flyer Pasing Zentrum
WD xx.x WG noise_uebersetzung_kurz
WD xx.x nup__entlastung_pasinger-stadtteilzentrum_eng
WD xx.x Overview_of_the_munich_noise_protection_policies_eng

Draft decisions-and-actions-munich
Draft minutes-autumn-meeting-munchen_wol
Draft continuous-action-list-munich-meeting_wol

Downloads Ljubljana meeting

WD 01.1 List of Working Documents Ljubljana meeting 2016
WD 01.2 Accommodation
WD 01.3 Information for travel

WD 01.5 List-of-working-documents-munich-meeting_v12-09-2016
WD 04.1 Final agenda Eurocities WG Noise meeting 21-22 April Ljubljana_versie 07_aka
WD 05.1 List of participants meeting Ljubljana_version 13.04.2016

WD 06.1 Draft minutes autumn meeting Barcelona
WD 07.1 Continuous action list Barcelona meeting
WD 12.2 Presentation Bilbao Sound Strategy
WD 09.1 Presentation Noise Guidelines WHO by Ms Marie-Eve Heroux
WD 09.2 Noise and Health in the Rotterdam Area
WD 10.1 Presentation Noise in Kindergartens by Ms Sonja Jeram
WD 11.1 Noise Health and Quiet Areas
WD 12.1 Empowerment initiative about public spaces, deployed in the city of Vitoria
WD 13.1 Introduction workshop Noise, Health and Quiet Areas
WD13.2 Living Environment Matters Relationship Between Neighborhood, etc.
WD14.1 Photo’s fieldtrip Ljubljana
WD15.1 Overview actions and decisions 1st day
WD16.1 Controllable Urban Soundscape general
WD 17.1 Behaviour change in men
WD 17.2 Presentation behaviour change in men

WD 18.1 Presentation increase awareness of noise pollution, new tools to better inform
WD 19.1 Strategy Working Group Noisev4
 WD 19.2 Presentation Strategy for Working group Noise
WD 20.1 Presentation projects realised to reduce traffic noise in Ljubljana
WD 21.1 Presentation recent efforts in Train noise abatement in Ljubljana
WD 22.1 Presentation of activities dedicated to sounds in Ljubljana – Green Capital 2016
WD 23.1 Declaration-on-Best-Tyres-versie-24 maart 2016 with logo RDM
WD 23.2 Letter to Majors and aldermen EUROCITIES
WD 23.3 Declaration on Best Tyres for Euroforum 7 april 2016

WD 23.4 Important Noise events 2016
WD 23.5 Noise from Outdoor Equipment Directive
WD 24.1 Outlook_Autumn_meeting_Munich

WD 24.2 Joint Meeting EurocCities WG and SONORUS
WD 25.1 List of actions and decisions 2nd day