EQUAL stands for Expert group on QUiet Asphalt Layers and is a subgroup of Working Group Noise.  The expert group (EQUAL) was born during the spring meeting of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES. During the discussion on the leaflet on quiet road surfaces it was decided to launch an expert group on this theme. This group could serve the EUROCITIES members when questions arise on quiet road surfaces at a political, a policy maker or an operational level (officers). This expert group consist of officers working for the local government (environmental and/or road department) and representatives of consultants and other institutes dealing with the subject of quiet asphalt layers.

It is planned to have a number of meeting per year. Partly by means of Skype or other cyber tool (still to be selected) and the other meetings in conjunction with the meetings ( max. 2) of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES.

Objectives of EQUAL are:

  1. To follow and disclose innovations and developments on quiet asphalt layers in Europe, initially to be inventoried by a questionnaire.
  2. To disclose and disseminate experience and knowledge on quiet asphalt layers among members of EUROCITIES
  3. To promote employment of quiet asphalt layers where and when possible
  4. To collect best practices of quiet asphalt layers (a web based database could be considered)
  5. To follow and influence regulation on technical specifications and classification of this type of asphalt in EU
  6. To debunk the myths around quiet asphalt layers
  7. To organise EU wide workshops on the subject of quiet asphalt layers

Members so far:

Cities of Turin, Amsterdam, The  Hague, Antwerp, Gothenburg and BruitParif, DCMR EPA,  BAFU (Bundes Ambt Für Umwelt Switzerland).


These days a questionnaire is set out among members of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES about the use of quiet road pavements. Outcomes will be presented during the autumn meeting (10-11 October 2018) in Rotterdam. (10 April 2018)


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