Next Meetings

Mini-symposium Noise and Health

As the World Health Organization guidline Noise and Health will be published end of the summer 2018  a one-day symposium will be held on this topic. The symposium is also organized on the occasion of the chair Working Group Noise, Mr Henk Wolfert’s retirement. Those who want to learn more about the guideline WHO are invited to register by sending an email to

Venue: DCMR EPA, Parallelweg 1 Schiedam


09:30 hr               Coffee/registration

10:00 hr               Welcome by managing director DCMR EPA confirmed

10:15 hr               Lecture by Professor Dick Botteldooren (UGhent) about
Urban Soundscapes and health

10:45 hr               Guidelines Noise and Health by Ms Jördis Wothge (WHO Bonn)

11:15 hr               Noise and Health, a research agenda for 2025, Ms Irene van Kamp
(RIVM) (confirmed)

11:45 hr               Coffee break and networking

12:15 hr               The “soundscape” of healthy urban living in Utrech by Ms Miriam Weber
(City of Utrecht) confirmed

12:45 hr               How to achieve a healthier city, developments and solutions from EAA
perspective by Sergio Luzzi/Raffaella Bellomini  (VienRose/UNIFI)

13:15 hr               Lunch

14:30 hr               How urban design can contribute to a quieter and healthier city by
Ms Cristina Calleri (Polytechnico Torino) confirmed

15:00 hr               What if cities or inner cities become car-free cities? By Mr Erik Roelofsen (director Dutch Noise Association) (confirmed)

15:30 hr               Quiet Urban Places discovered, a small survey. By Mr Henk Wolfert
DCMR EPA confirmed

16:00 hr               Coffee break

16:30 hr               How European Commission sees the future by Mr Marco Paviotti
(European Commission)

16: 45 hr              Summary and conclusions by symposium chair Mr Paul de Vos

17:00 hr               Reception

18:30 hr               End of the reception

Note: Those who have worked with Henk can shake hands if they so wish.


Autumn meeting will be held in Rotterdam in conjunction with a mini-symposium

The next meeting of working group noise will be held in Rotterdam
on 10 and 11 October 2018. Venue will be the city hall of Rotterdam, Coolsingel 40. The Coolsingel is one of the mainstreets of Rotterdam. The meeting of the Working Group Noise will be held in conjunction with a mini-symposium which is organised on 12 October at DCMR EPA, Parallelweg 1 in Schiedam.

The provisional agenda is:

Wednesday 10 October 2018 (city hall)

  • 13:00 hr Coffee and registration
  • 13:30 hr Welcome by Rotterdam and chair EUROCITIES (Henk Wolfert)
  • 14:00 hr Approval agenda, minutes and continuous action list (all participants)
  • 14:20 hr Rotterdam approach on leisure noise by Mr Hans van der Waal (TBC)
  • 14:50 hr Experiences with mini barriers along railways by Mr Theo Benjert
  • 15.20 hr Coffee break and networking
  • 15:50 hr Presentation DRD-report and  Noise-politics Copenhagen by
    Ms Karen Forsting (TBC)
  • 16:20 hr Open for other agenda points
  • 16:45 hr Anouncements by EUROCITIES office
  • 17:15 hr Enumeration decisions and actions first day by Mr Ronald de Jong
  • 17:30 hr Closing the meeting
  • 19:30 hr   Informal diner

 Thursday 11 October 2018 (city hall)

  • 09:00 hr Coffee and registration
  • 09:30 hr Re-opening the meeting by chairs (Mr Theo Benjert/Mr Arnaldo Melloni)
  • 09:40 hr Outcomes questionnaire construction noise by Ms Nina Mahler
  • 10:10 hr Progress CNOSSOS moderated by Mr Arnoud Kok/Mr Hans van Leeuwen (TBC)
  • 10:40 hr  Open for agenda points
  • 11:10 hr  Coffee break and networking
  • 11:30 hr  Outcomes questionnaire quiet road surfaces by Mr Matthias Benjert
  • 12:00 hr  Sound auralisation (demo) by Mr Jeroen Kamer (dBVision) TBC
  • 12:30 hr  Round table noise mapping/noise action planning and projects (all)
  • 13:00 hr  Outlook spring meeting 2019 Brighton, by Mr Mattew Eastal TBC
  • 13:15 hr  Enumeration actions and decision second day by
    Mr Ronald de Jong
  • 13:30 hr  Lunch offered by the municipality of Rotterdam
  • 14:30 hr Fieldtrip, visiting Noise Hotspot and sightseeing Rotterdam, tour
    along striking spots in Rotterdam

All EUROCITIES members are welcome to join us these days! Please register by sending an email to


            Meeting EUROCITIES Working Group Noise

in Florence (old)

After many years Working Group Noise returns to Florence. The spring meeting will be held in April in conjunction with the seminar “Noise in the City” a one day event. The Noise in the City event will be held on 11 April and the Working Group Noise will meet on 12 and 13 April 2018. Some agenda points already on the agenda are:

  • Progress Noise and Health guidelines WHO
  • CNOSSOS, experiences from Finland, The Netherlands, etc.
  • Round table projects:
    • LUSTA project Gotenborg
    • CLOWN project by BruitParif
    • PM
  • Round table noise mapping and noise action planning
  • Progress questionnaire quiet road surfaces (Rotterdam)
  • Report survey construction noise (BAFU)
  • How to awake NOMETRAM (Noise Measures on Tramways)
  • Waste and Noise letter (result from joined meeting with waste in Essen)
  • Noise Annoyance form Urban Roads and Motorways (Copenhagen)

Update will follow soon, we are still preparing these events together with our colleagues from Florence!


All EUROCITIES members are welcome to join us these days!


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