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Meeting EUROCITIES Working Group Noise in Florence

After many years Working Group Noise returns to Florence. The spring meeting will be held in April in conjunction with the seminar “Noise in the City” a one day event. The Noise in the City event will be held on 11 April and the Working Group Noise will meet on 12 and 13 April 2018. Some agenda points already on the agenda are:

  • Progress Noise and Health guidelines WHO
  • CNOSSOS, experiences from Finland, The Netherlands, etc.
  • Round table projects:
    • LUSTA project Gotenborg
    • CLOWN project by BruitParif
    • PM
  • Round table noise mapping and noise action planning
  • Progress questionnaire quiet road surfaces (Rotterdam)
  • Report survey construction noise (BAFU)
  • How to awake NOMETRAM (Noise Measures on Tramways)
  • Waste and Noise letter (result from joined meeting with waste in Essen)
  • Noise Annoyance form Urban Roads and Motorways (Copenhagen)

Update will follow soon, we are still preparing these events together with our colleagues from Florence!


All EUROCITIES members are welcome to join us these days!

Meeting EUROCITIES Working Group Noise in Essen (Old)

The autumn meeting of  Working Group Noise is hosted by the city of Essen (Germany) which is the Green Capital 2017. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the EUROCITIES Environmental Forum which takes place on the 19th and 20th of October 2017.  The meeting of WG Noise is prior to the EEF meeting and will start in the afternoon of the 17th of October. provisional agenda points for the meeting of WG Noise are:

  • Noise and health, presented by WHO and University Essen
  • Position paper on the evaluation of the Environmental Noise Directive
  • First experiences with CNOSSOS by UBA (TBC)
  • Experiences with quiet and green areas
  • Tramway noise
  • e-mobility and noise in urban areas
  • Citizens involvement
  • Outlook spring meeting (Florence)

More information and a final agenda will follow in September. If you are interested in joining the WG Noise meeting, please send an email to



Meeting EUROCITIES Working Group Noise in Zagreb (old).

Next meeting of Working Group Noise will be held in Zagreb on 11 and 12 May 2017. On the agenda are at least the reports on the revision and evaluation of the Environmental Noise Directive and the WHO report about Noise & Health. More information will follow in the beginning of 2017. Agenda points that are on the agenda are:

  • Roundtable about progress, problems, constraints encountered during noise mapping  and noise action planning Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC
    and possible solutions found.
  • The evaluation reports of the Environmental Noise Directive, the position of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES; presentation by Mr Marco Paviotti (European Commission). Reporting the high level conference “Noise in Europe”  that was held on 24 April 2017 in Brussels.
  • Update about the Guidelines Noise and Health by Ms Dorota Jarosinki (World Health Organisation).
  • Transport Masterplan Zagreb, what impact does it have by Zagreb, presented by
    Mr Marko Bašić and Mr Damir Kapudija
  • First exercises with the harmonised noise assessment method (CNOSSOS) in Germany and in the Netherlands and other Member States.
  • Open Source measurements
  • INAD 2017 in Croatia, experiences presented by Mr Kristian Jambrošić.
  • An update of the DYNAMAP project by Mr Mattia Grampella

All members of EUROCITIES or cities are invited to participate. Access is free!!!
In case you want to join this meeting, please send an e-mail to Ms Aysin Karihisar. Her e-mail is: Looking forward to meeting you in Zagreb!

Working Documents are available at the documents sharing site quickr. To enter this site you need a password and a username which can be obtained by sending an e-mail to Ms Aysin Karahisar too. Document can also be downloaded here.

EUROCITIES strives to have combined meeting together with the Environmental Forum (EEF) meeting, at least once per year. For 2017  the chairs will explore whether this is possible or not. The meetings of EEF are scheduled in the next cities:

-Antwerp 15,16 and 17 March)
– Essen (Oktober 2017, no date set yet)

During the last EEF meeting in Ljubljana it was agreed that Working Group Noise should have joint meetings with Working Groups Green, Waste and Working Group Air Quality of EUROCITIES. Chairs will explore whether this still can be done in 2017. If not possible to have the combined meetings in 2017 then it will be done in 2018. The mid-term meeting will be hosted by EUROCITIES in Brussels. In that case the autumn meeting 2017 will be hosted by Florence.

The spring meeting 2018 will be hosted by Florence. No date is set yet and the autumn meeting will probably be hosted by the city of Rotterdam.

Autumn meeting Munich (old)

Next meeting will be held in Munich on 14-16 September in conjunction with the final symposium of the SONORUS project. The meeting will be hosted by the city of Munich and Müller-BBM. The draft agenda is depicted below . Working Documents can be found here

Draft Agenda


Day 1: 14-09-2016
Morning WGN Meeting – internal meeting


(only members EUROCITIES) 

Afternoon WGN Meeting – open meeting


(non-member cities and Sonorus participants are cordially welcome to this meeting)

Day 2: 15-09-2016

Morning city tour „noise protection in Munich“


WGN members, non-member cities and Sonorus delegates are cordially invited to participate this tour.

Afternoon Sonorus Symposium



WGN members are cordially invited to join this symposium


Day 3: 16-09-2016

Morning Sonorus Symposium

WGN members are cordially invited to join this symposium




NB. Registration starts in July

Spring Meeting Ljubljana

On 21 and 22 April 2016 the spring meeting of Working Group Noise will be held in the beautiful city of Ljubljana. The meeting is co-hosted by the municipality of Ljubljana and the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health. The theme of this meeting is Noise, Health and Quiet Areas.The draft agenda contains a lot of interesting agenda points.  These points are:

  • Presentation about the environmental noise policies Ljubljana
  • Presentation about the work of the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health
  • Round table preparation noise mapping and noise action plans 3rd round
  • Update about the revision of the noise guidelines WHO by Ms Marie-Eve Heroux
  • Noise in kindergartens and elementary schools (road, railway and recreational noise issues in Ljubljana) by Ms Sonja Jeram
  • Empowerment initiative about public spaces, deployed in the city of Vitoria, Spain. It assesses the acoustic and thermal comfort and the global comfort by Ms Itziar Aspuru
  • Workshop on Noise, Health and Quiet Areas, moderated by Ms Marianne Pel
  • Report on questionnaire Controllable Urban Soundscapes by Mr Henrik Nysted
  • How to achieve behaviour change in men, by Mr Henk Wolfert
  • Declaration on Best Tyres, by Henk Wolfert
  •  Working Group Noise Strategy 2020, by Mr Menno Hillebregt
  • Update review and evaluation END (TBC)
  • Outlook autumn meeting 2016

The agenda is not completed yet, there are still a few slots open and we will call upon our members to come forward with additioanl agenda points. A draft agenda can be downloaded here. Other working documents become available soon and can be downloaded under downloads.

Ljubljana is elected as the Green Capital 2016. For more information see

Participants can register by sending an email to Ms Aysin Karahisar (




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