NO.ME.TRAM stands for Noise Measures on TRAMways and is a subgroup of Working group Noise. The NO.ME.TRAM group is led by Mr Sergio Luzzi (Florence/Vie.en.Ro.Se). The objectives of NO.ME.TRAM are:

  • classification of tram noise by source
  • classification of solutions for noise reduction at source, transmission path and receiver
  • to provide a guideline for correct implementation and management of tramways noise
  • criteria to be used in procurement procedures
  • handbook with best practices on tram and tramway noise

The products to be deliverd should be addressed to tramway designers, tram car designers, public transport companies (maintenance and procurement departments), policy makers, urban planners, municipalities or regional bodies and other stakeholders. Also deliverers of insulation companies could be involved.

The members so far involved in this subgroup are the cities of Florence, Gothenburg, Zaragozza, Zagreb, Dublin, Rotterdam, DCMR EPA, Intersted Companies and Vie.en.Ro.Se.

By means of a questionnaire the tramway noise problems will be inventoried and also possible solutions. The questionnaire will be sent out soon and by end of July a compact report will be published that will be approved in the autum meeting of Working Group Noise in Copenhagen. The NOMETRAM subgroup meets alongside the meetings of Working Group Noise or by means of skype/teleconferencing.



Currently all kind of measures and best practices are collected by means of a questionnaire that was set out by Vie.en.Rose. The results of this survey will be published at the ICSV2015 congress in Florence (



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