International Conference on Noise and Vibrations Florence

On 12 -16 July this congress will be held in Florence. Some members of WG Noise will contribute there. In conjunction with this congress a project fair will be organised.
More information can be find here.


EURONOISE 2015 Maastricht (Netherlands)

Euronoise 2015, the 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, will be held at the heart of Europe where the first treaties leading to the creation of the European Union were signed. Acousticians and noise experts from all over the Europe will gather for the event on noise control, and soundscape in Europe, organised by the European Acoustics Association. Members of Working Group Noise will present some paper at this congress. More info here.


The role of Urban Design elements in Soundscape and acoustic comfort in cities

This event that will be held on 27 November 2014 in Bilbao in conjunction with the autumn meeting of Working Group Noise EUROCITIES. More information will follow soon.

INTERNOISE 2014 Melbourne

Chair of Working Group Noise will present two papers. One paper on QUADMAP, see and another paper on smart cities and urban transport noise.

Quiet façades and quiet urban areas – benefits for people and implementation in urban noise policy

Preceding the Eurocities Working Group on Noise meeting in Lyon on 24 April. The QSIDE logoworkshop is intended for officials from local authorities, not only Eurocities WG Noise partners but also other European cities. We hope that you, as partners from QUADMAP, HARMONICA and HUSH, will be able to use this opportunity to discuss the QSIDE project results in relation to your project, all aiming for a better acoustic quality in the living environment. At the previous Eurocities Noise meeting, Mr. Marco Paviotti from the European Commission has stressed the importance of interaction between the projects.

The workshop is organized by partners of the European project QSIDE  ( The workshop will take place in Lyon on 24 April, 13:00-16:00 (preceding the Eurocities WG Noise meeting on 25-26 April).

The workshop will include:

  • Presentation of QSIDE results
  • presentations of results from related projects QUADMAP, HARMONICA, HUSH       (each about 10 minutes)
  • plenary and subgroup discussions

Could you please let us know, by a reply to the email below, if you are willing to represent QUADMAP / HARMONICA / HUSH on 24 April in Lyon.

On behalf of the QSIDE project team,

Frits van den Berg & Erik Salomon

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